MNRead-Set Up

Using the MNREAD Charts

NOTE: This is a newly revised version of the MNREAD manual. You may download the original MNREAD documentation mnread.pdf.

1. Illumination

The chart should be lit evenly so that no shadows or glare will interfere with reading. The luminance of the white background on the charts should be at least 80cd/m2.

2. Viewing distance

The print sizes and markings on the chart are designed for testing at the 'standard reading distance' of 40cm (16 inches). However, the chart should be used at the desired reading distance of the observer. Remember to make a note of the viewing distance used.

We recommend using a head rest set to the appropriate viewing distance in front of the chart, to prevent the patient from creeping forwards throughout the test.

3. Procedure

Patients should be instructed as follows: 

When I say 'start' read the sentence aloud as quickly as you can with out making errors. But if you do make an error, or realise that you have missed a word, read to the end of the sentence and then go back and correct yourself

Start with the largest sentence, and move onto the subsequent sentences. Keep on going until the patient cannot read any words in a sentence. 

For each sentence, on the score sheet note any words that are missed or read incorrectly, and note the time taken to read the sentence (i.e., the time between when you say 'start' and when the patient finishes uttering the last word in the sentence). 

We recommend using a blank card to cover each sentence as you work your way down the chart: uncover the sentence to be read when you say 'start'. 

For patients with central field loss we find it easier to allow the patient to position the mnread card so that the sentence to be read will fall into their preferred location for reading.